An inescapable fact of life is that things will change. This includes your legal case. Your divorce may be settled, or your custody and support agreement may have been finalized when your children were young, but that doesn’t mean your needs will stay the same. Your children will grow up, your circumstances will change and you will have to reevaluate the agreements you have made.

Modifications happen when there is what is called a “real and material change in circumstances.” This could be anything from a parent starting a new job with different hours or wages to a child going off to college. Anything that necessitates a change in your custody or child support payments, for example, would be considered a modification. This need can arise at any time.

Regardless of where you started, let me help you evaluate what is going on with your case now. Are you defending against a complaint for modification filed against you, or are you seeking help with some changes? Whatever your needs are, I can help you evaluate and strategize effectively.

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