Child Support

Child support is an often-contested area of custody and divorce matters. Disputes arise frequently over the amount that should be paid, issues of non-payment, and conflict over the balance of payments with regard to to the amount of parenting time. Child support is one of the areas of highest conflict in a divorce because it is the most volatile. Because of this, its not uncommon for people approach this issue of support on an emotional level instead of in a manner that looks at the matter from a perspective of numbers.

There are many factors that are considered when determining the amount of child support due. Primarily, courts look at each parent’s income, amount of custody and/or visitation time, and the needs of the children. While there are standards used to make some of these determinations, it’s not a clear-cut science, and it’s inadvisable to try to tackle child support issues on your own. Child support can change over time as income and children’s needs fluctuate, and you will need an experienced third party who can look at support as a matter of numbers instead of emotions. What can you truly afford– or, what are you truly owed?

If you can no longer afford your child support payments or if your ex isn’t coming through with the child support payments you are owed, call me and let me help. Child support issues are not something that should be ignored. Whatever they may be, it is best to deal with the issues head on. Regardless if you are paying or receiving support, at some point, the agreement will likely need to be reevaluated to ascertain what is best for you and the needs of your child. I am more than happy to help you evaluate and determine what your needs will be moving forward.


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