Advocating for your rights in divorce, custody, child support and beyond since 2012.

Conveniently located in Cambridge, MA, the Law Offices of Mark A Cotton serves Middlesex, Essex, Suffolk, and Norfolk counties with high-quality and effective legal representation in a variety of family law and divorce matters. Family law is different from other branches of law– it is inherently sensitive and deeply personal work, intricately tied to your relationships with your family and loved ones. Family and divorce legal support needs often arise in the midst of profoundly difficult and challenging times in a person’s life. Effective legal representation in this delicate arena requires combining a thoughtful, personalized approach to client needs with the passion and drive to get you a fair and favorable result.

In short: there is a lot at stake in family law, and your expectations for legal representation should be high.

I am Attorney Mark Cotton, and I approach the practice of law with a thoughtful and focused look at your needs. I am committed to righting wrongs and preserving your rights as a parent, spouse, partner, or guardian. I work with families and partnerships of all constellations, including the LGBTQ+ community and non-traditional unions. I am conscientious of your financial considerations and am diligent in working efficiently.

Reach out now to set up a free consultation and let me be the advocate you need in your divorce, family law, or other legal matter.

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